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Company Profile


Golden Pine Asset Management

Golden Pine is an asset management company with the investment philosophy of value investing in domestic and overseas listed Chinese companies.

Our goal is to help Chinese investors invest in overseas markets and help overseas investors to invest in the Chinese market.


Experienced investment team

Chief Investment Officer has worked for a large hedge fund in China. He has been engaged in professional investment in Hong Kong stocks and US stocks for many years, good at multi-methods and multi-angle exploring the core values of enterprises.
Analysts have graduated from top universities in China and Hong Kong and have experience working with funds or hedge funds.


Unique Compeitive advantage

We have a deep understanding of Chinese government policies, excel in identifying macro economy cycle, and in-depth understanding on China's industry and enterprises.

We conduct independent and objective research, not affected or easily driven by market news, and modestly facing the market .

Investment Philosophy

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Value investing

Value investing is the foundation of our investment philosophy, seek mispricing versus intrinsic value. We will consider the policy risk, corporate governance and valuation, select target with the best risk/reward ratio. Especially good at identifying the business cycle, in different stages of the economic cycle to explore the appropriate industry to invest.


Investment Process

Macro: top-down selection of industries and sectors by analysing the macro-economic indicators and the cross-market trends.

Micro: We apply extensive bottom-up research by channel check, field visit and building valuation models, which helps us find the suitable picks to buy or short with suitable valuation and less risks.


Long-term Investment Themes Source

Consumption Upgrade - GDP per capita approaching the critical point of $10,000 in China. 

Aging Society - The trend is obvious and will led to vast investment opportunities in pharmaceutical and medical services.

New technology - create new business model and improves social efficiency.

Climate Related Risk Disclosure

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